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I'm a full-grown child of the 1970's and 80's now making good on the detail that consistently appeared in my childhood vision of my adult life. I'm writing for pleasure, but now am doing it by blog rather than (or in addition to) the emails, notes and essays I have written for years just because it feels like breathing to me. I'm a full-time worker outside the home, and an all-the-time wife and mom of two boys, 9 and 14 years old. As such I throw a lot of footballs, shoot a lot of hoops, deliver a lot of lectures, swear more than I ought to, thank a lot of teachers and coach a few teams. If I'm your friend, neighbor, coworker or the person you met at the park, I am probably the one whose story was a bit too long, though hopefully entertaining. Remember, I'm happy to return the favor. I do love a good story, and I don't just mean my own.

Zach Temple, 9, Considers Running for “something like” Mayor

Tuesday was election day. Our local ballot featured an array of races and questions for consideration, including a school funding referendum, judge and school board races, and even a state constitutional amendment. But Zach, age 9, was focused on the Mayoral election.  Practically first thing in … Continue reading

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Bracket Pool Organizers of Yesteryear: Do you Remember…?

Were you ever a tournament bracket pool organizer in the days that predated online bracket managers? It was a different animal back then when it was all done on paper. Pool organizers had their work cut out for them! They … Continue reading

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Greatest Matchups Not Seen in Brackets: A Washed-up Superfan Explores the Madness of March Decisions

Oh, NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, what you do to me. The calculations that you make me do. Not probability of wins or losses, although there’s that as well. But you put me in a position to calculate the … Continue reading

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Why Apostrophes Should Make Noise

I’ve noticed that a lot of my blog writing has taken the form of reflection. That’s probably appropriate because I’m a fairly reflective person. I realize that at a glance a blog reader might rightly wonder if Meredith M. Temple … Continue reading

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My Compliments

A few years ago I was given a compliment that was so unusual, out of the blue and powerful that it has bounced in my head since then and provided residual flattery. I actually do reflect on that moment from time to … Continue reading

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Extreme Insecurity: A boyhair$2eyecat story

These days everyone has a story about boyhair$2eyecat. I’m telling mine. It’ll be therapeutic for me and I think you’ll relate. Let’s start with this. I’m adequately confident and I rely on being a fairly quick thinker on my feet. For example, put me … Continue reading

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Thanks for Nothing, Rob Reiner!

Brad and I recently decided that our older son, Ryan, is a perfect age to watch the movie Stand by Me. I drew on some scenes from it in a recent blog post called, “Good Question, Vern.” I was motivated to think about the movie for … Continue reading

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