Who’s Meredith M. Temple?

I’m a full-grown child of the 1970’s and 80’s now making good on the detail that consistently appeared in my childhood vision of my adult life. I’m writing for pleasure, but now am doing it by blog rather than (or in addition to) the emails, notes and essays I have written for years just because it feels like breathing to me. I’m also a wife and mom of two growing boys. As such I throw a lot of footballs, shoot a lot of hoops, deliver a lot of lectures, swear a lot, thank a lot of teachers and coach a few teams. I talk about emotions and I invite a bigger hug by daring my guys to break me in half.

If I’m your neighbor, coworker, daughter, sister, friend (or the person you met at the park the other day) I am the one whose stories tend to be a bit too long. Thanks for letting me tell them. I’ll happily return the favor. I’m a good listener, too.


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