Communication Error

Calling all voices.

More! More!

Especially yours.

Not yours.

There’s much to discuss.

To learn.


It’s my turn to speak.


I’m sharing my thoughts.

And I

Plan to speak for you

Some more.


I’ve said it so well.

With my

Well-constructed thoughts.

Right on!

We seem to agree,

I think.


I like when we talk.

I can

Say what I know in

New ways.

When we talk I feel

So heard.


But when others talk

It’s hard.

I don’t get my say.

I don’t

Get to contribute

My thoughts.


Calling all voices.


There’s so much to say.

I want

Us to explore what

I know.


We need to talk more.

Don’t we?


This is a real deviation from how I typically write. Last winter I was thinking about how complicated communication is–interpersonally, professionally, and on grand platforms.

I considered the things that happen when I (or we, but I tried not to let myself off the hook) confuse putting out words with communication; or when I neglect to consider the role my open ears and quiet mind should play in conversation. I squeamishly made myself think about confirmation bias, self-affirmation, confusing “I” and “we”, or drowning out the very voices we invite to speak up.

A caricature scenario was emerging in my head, and almost on accident I drafted a lineup of easily-made offenses that tank even the best intentions of communicating. I decided to conjure up a well-intended voice and have it invite  communication only to step in the traps I had just thought about.

Though I can apply it accusatorially, either to that person who annoys me by doing some or all of those things or by calling out its relevance to social or mass media, I’d rather think of it as a cautionary tale for well-intended but human communicators like myself, who are susceptible to such missteps.





About Meredith M. Temple

I'm a full-grown child of the 1970's and 80's now making good on the detail that consistently appeared in my childhood vision of my adult life. I'm writing for pleasure, but now am doing it by blog rather than (or in addition to) the emails, notes and essays I have written for years just because it feels like breathing to me. I'm a full-time worker outside the home, and an all-the-time wife and mom of two boys, 9 and 14 years old. As such I throw a lot of footballs, shoot a lot of hoops, deliver a lot of lectures, swear more than I ought to, thank a lot of teachers and coach a few teams. If I'm your friend, neighbor, coworker or the person you met at the park, I am probably the one whose story was a bit too long, though hopefully entertaining. Remember, I'm happy to return the favor. I do love a good story, and I don't just mean my own.
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2 Responses to Communication Error

  1. NIKKI Simmons says:

    It’s nice to read you again.

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


  2. HA HA! Thanks. It had been three years since I’d posted last. Pathetic.


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