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“-dom” or “-dumb”(er)? The State of Being a Teen… Chapter 13: The Hunt for the Red Hat

I’ve mentioned that I have this kid, the thirteener who is soon to be a fourteener, named Ryan. Well, this guy, Ry, has a Dickensian effect on our home. He brings us the best of times and the worst of … Continue reading

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Must Mirrors and Friends be Parallel? My Reply is No.

One of Zach’s friends got dropped off at our house this morning before school. I had forgotten he was coming over since the plan had happened in a quick text exchange with his mom while I was between sessions at an event last night. … Continue reading

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Pretty Girl? Depends.

It’s been a funny day. I’ve had the usual breadth of topics on my mind, building thoughts, plans, actions, jokes, questions, and Google searches on all of the following (and more): Dog adoption Jobs, career and job search Human puberty Dog puberty Sustainability of … Continue reading

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