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Bracket Pool Organizers of Yesteryear: Do you Remember…?

Were you ever a tournament bracket pool organizer in the days that predated online bracket managers? It was a different animal back then when it was all done on paper. Pool organizers had their work cut out for them! They … Continue reading

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Greatest Matchups Not Seen in Brackets: A Washed-up Superfan Explores the Madness of March Decisions

Oh, NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, what you do to me. The calculations that you make me do. Not probability of wins or losses, although there’s that as well. But you put me in a position to calculate the … Continue reading

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Why Apostrophes Should Make Noise

I’ve noticed that a lot of my blog writing has taken the form of reflection. That’s probably appropriate because I’m a fairly reflective person. I realize that at a glance a blog reader might rightly wonder if Meredith M. Temple … Continue reading

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