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My Compliments

A few years ago I was given a compliment that was so unusual, out of the blue and powerful that it has bounced in my head since then and provided residual flattery. I actually do reflect on that moment from time to … Continue reading

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Extreme Insecurity: A boyhair$2eyecat story

These days everyone has a story about boyhair$2eyecat. I’m telling mine. It’ll be therapeutic for me and I think you’ll relate. Let’s start with this. I’m adequately confident and I rely on being a fairly quick thinker on my feet. For example, put me … Continue reading

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Thanks for Nothing, Rob Reiner!

Brad and I recently decided that our older son, Ryan, is a perfect age to watch the movie Stand by Me. I drew on some scenes from it in a recent blog post called, “Good Question, Vern.” I was motivated to think about the movie for … Continue reading

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Simple Letters

This happened to me recently. One morning an image caught my eye and my brain. The image has colors and textures and a simultaneously natural and purposeful arrangement. I found a powerful message in the image. The meaning was deeper because … Continue reading

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